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  • Completed Projects
Client Name Activities
ADNOC LOGISTICS & SERVICES LCT Sea Parrot : Charter Hire of One (1) Landing Craft
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 402 : Hire of Non‐DP Supply Vessel
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 105 : Charter of Anchor Handling Tug
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 202 : Provision of one heavy‐duty speed boat
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 104 : Charter of one (1) field mooring, maintenance and dive support vessel
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 106 : Hire of One (1) Safety Stand‐by Rescue Vessel
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa312 : Charterofone(1)fieldmooring, maintenance anddivesupportvessel
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa313 : Charter of Tow Tugs to Support NPCC Offshore Operation in Abu Dhabi
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 102 : Charter Of One(1) Mooring, Maintenance and Diving Support Vessels
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 304 : Charter one One (1) vessel in support of ADNOC Offshore Marine Operations
ANOC Logistics & Services Faisal‐1: Hire of Maintenance Boat for Umm Shaif Fields‐Mobilization of MVFaisal‐1
ANOC Logistics & Services Khalfan ‐1: Hire Of Maintenance Boat For Umm Lulu & Nasr Fields
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 12: Hire of Top side Maintenance Vessel M.V. Mutawa 12 for Zakum Field
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 306 : Hire of One(1) Platform Supply Vessel
ANOC Logistics & Services Mutawa 302 : MooringOperations & Subsea Maintenance Services Using Marine Vessel
ADOC-JAPAN Mutawa 301: Charter of One (1) AHTS Vessel with crane
National Petroleum Const.Co. (NPCC) Mutawa 101: Charter of A Diving Support Vessel to Support NPCC’s Offshore Operations in AbuDhabi
National Petroleum Const.Co. (NPCC) Mutawa 11: Charter Of M/VMutawa11 to Support Offshore CampaignsInAUH
National Petroleum Const.Co (NPCC) Mutawa 303: Charter Of M/V Mutawa 303 to Support NPCC’s Offshore Campaigns Under AUH Projects
National Petroleum Const.Co. (NPCC) Mutawa 401(DP2): Charter of ADP‐2Vessel TO Support NPCC Operations in U.A.E
Nationa Petroleum Const.Co.(NPCC) General Diving Services: Provision of General Diving Services.
Client Name Month/Year
Contract Period
ADNOC Offshore 01/2019 to 11/2021 Faisal 1: Hire of Maintenance Boat for Ummlulu & Al nasr
ADNOC Offshore 01/2019 to 02/2022 Khalfan: Hire of Maintenance Boat for US field
ADNOC Offshore 01/2020 to 02/2022 Diving services on Board DSV ARADA
NPCC 05/2018 to 03/2020 Mutawa 10:Charter of a Supply vessel
ZMI 08/2017 to 08/2020 MUTAWA 303: Charter of AHT Vessel
ADNOC Offshore 08/2014 to 12/2019 Mutawa 401: Subsea inspection maintenance and repair of pipelines and structures using DP‐2 Vessel
ADNOC Offshore 08/2013 to 12/2019 MUTAWA‐9: Diving & Underwater Inspection services
ADNOC Offshore 11/2010 to 12/2019 Mutawa 11: Provision of Subsea Inspection Services
ZMI 11/2016 to 11/2019 MUTAWA 102: Charter of AHT Vessel Mutawa 102 with Dive team and Equip.
ADOC JAPAN 05/2016 to 05/2019 MUTAWA 312: Charter of AHTS vessel
NPCC 06/2018 to 10/2019 Mutawa 13: Charter of Work Boat
NPCC 03/2019 to 06/2019 Mutawa 11:Hire of work boat to India
NPCC 02/2019 to 04/2019 Mutawa 103&104: Charter of AHT
Adma‐Opco 01/2014 to 12/2014 Charter of Topside Maintenance Vessel “Jack‐up Barge M.B. 1”
Adma‐Opco 02/2015 to 01/2019 Hire of Mini Barge for Topside Maintenance
Adma‐Opco 06/2004 to 12/2014 M/V Faisal‐1 & Dive Team :Subsea Inspection Services of Subsea Lines and Offshore Structures
Adma‐Opco 04/2004 to 12/2014 M/V Khalfan & Dive Team : Subsea Maintenance/Repair of Pipelines and Structures
ZADCO 01/2011 to 08/2015 Mutawa 101: Charter of Dive support & AHT Vessel
ZADCO 08/2010 to 08/2014 Zakher Admiral: Provision of Additional U/W Diving Maintenance & Inspection Services
ZADCO 11/2015 to 08/2016 Mutawa 402: Charter of Marine vessel in support of new offshore 7th drilling rig.
ZADCO 11/2012 to 11/2015 Mutawa 203:. Marine Transportation of Passengers.
ZADCO 12/2013 to 05/2014 Mutawa 10 :Spot Hire of Utility work boat forUZ Field Wells
ZADCO 12/2014 to 11/2015 Mutawa 10: Charter of Utility Work Boat
ZADCO 08/2013 to 02/2019 Diving & Underwater Inspection on MUTAWA‐9
ZADCO 04/2012 to 03/2015 Onshore Refurbishment Services to marine buoys.
ESNAAD/ZADCO 11/2005 to 11/2015 Mutawa‐9 : Charter of Diving Support Vessel
ESNAAD/ZADCO 07/2013 to 06/2016 Mutawa 102 : Charter of AHT/Supply Vessel
ESNAAD 07/2013 to 07/2016 Mutawa 302 : Charter of Supply Vessel
ESNAAD 03/2015 to 05/2015 Mutawa 304: Hire of Work Boat
ESNAAD/ADMA 01/2015 to 01/2018 Mutawa 305:Hire of Field mooring Maintance vessel with divers and Equipment
Total ABK 06/2011 to 08/2018 Mutawa‐202 : Provision of one Heavy Duty Speed Boat.
Total ABK 11/2013 to 10/2014 Mutawa‐105 : Anchor Handling Tug boat
Total ABK 07/2013 to 12/2014 Mutawa‐304 : Drilling Supply Vessel
ADOC Japan 08/2011 to 08/2014 Sub‐sea 89/Mutaw 301;chartering of Tug/Supply/utility vessel
ADOC Japan 08/2012 to 08/2015 Mutawa 301/303 Chartering of one Tug, Suply/Standby, Utility Vessel
M.O.P/KuwaitOil Co(K.S.C.) 12/2006 to 11/2011 Mutawa – 10 : 45 m Utility/Support Vessel Offshore support Services at Kuwait.
ADOC Japan 09/2015 to 08/2018 Mutawa‐304 : Charter of Straight Supply Vessel
NPCC 11/2010 to 11/2011 Mutawa 12 : Charter of Diving Support Vessel
VanOord 05/2011 to 12/ 2011 Crew Boat Khulood : Charter of Crew Boat
ADOC Japan 07/2010 to 01/2011 Hire of Diving Support Vessel, Inspection Team and Inspection Equipments for Sub‐sea Inspection of Platforms & Jackets in Mubarraz Field.
NPCC 10/2008 to 11/2010 Mutawa 11 : Charter of Diving Support Vessel
Zadco 01/2001 to 12/2009 CB Khulood :27.50M Aluminum Crew Boat. Charter of Transportation Utility Vessel for Umm Al Dalkh Field.
Adma‐Opco 08/2005 to 07/2009 “NMS‐401, NMS‐402 General Diving Services.
CORODEX (Nakheel Palm Jumeirah) 07/2008 to 02/2009 Subsea excavation & minor dredging for installing 10‐16” pipeline offshore at Palm Island Development project.
ZAMIL Hyundai/ Adma‐Opco 03/2008 to 12/2008 Mutawa – 101 : Charter of multipurpose vessel
TOLEDO/GASCO 02/2007 to 05/2007 Subsea excavation & minor dredging for Installation of 3” GRE Dosing Lines at Ruwais
Zadco 03/2004 to 09/2007 M.V. Stanford Pelican Charter of Crew Utility/Standby Vessel.
Zakher Marine International 06/2006 to 08/2006 Hire of Utility Vessel
NPCC 08/2006 to 10/2006 Charter of Utility Vessel
Takreer (EngineersIndia Ltd) 06/2004 to 07/2004 Topographic survey and underwater Inspection for jetty at Ruwais for inter Refineries Pipelines project of Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer)
Saudi Aramco 01/2004 to 03/2004 Diving services in Saudi Aramco offshore Oil Fields
KNPC Integral servicesKuwait 04/2002 to 05/2004 Subsea survey of KNPC, MAA Submarine pipelines
Maridive/Adma‐ Opco 10/2002 to 01/2003 Charter of Jack‐up Barge M.B.‐1 for Freespan Correction Campaign for Adma‐Opco in Zakum and Umm Shaif Fields
ADOC(Japan) 08/2002 to 08/2002 Charter of M.V. Safiya and Diving Team for Cable Laying between CFP and BB Flare in Mubarraz Field
Fugro(M.E.) 06/2002 to 06/2002 Charter of Jack‐up Barge M.B.1
ADGAS 04/2002 to 05/2002 Diving Services in Das Island for minor dredging of fire fighting water basin.
IntegralSers.Co. 04/2002 to 05/2002 Charter of M.V. Safiya and Diving Team for Subsea Survey of Submarine Pipeline in Mina Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
CCTC/Zadco 06/2001 to 07/2001 Charter of Jack‐up Barge M.B. 1 and M.V. Safiya for Topside Construction Works in Umm Al Dalkh Field
Fugro(ME)Ltd. 05/2001 to 05/2001 Charter of Jack‐up Barge M.B.‐1
AlHusam Est./ADOCJapan 03/2001 to 05/2001 Provision of Diving Services for Mubarraz Island Water Disposal Project
Gulmar Offshore 03/2001 to 06/2001 Provision of Diving Services in Iran
Zadco 02/2001 to 02/2001 Relocation of Test Separators (Barge Naashi)
Zadco 02/2001 to 02/2001 Fabrication of 2 Nos. 3 Ton Deadweight
Zadco 01/2001 to 01/2001 Refurbishment of 2 Nos. Light Marker Buoys
Zadco 01/2001 to 03/2001 Charter of Jack‐up Barge M.B. 1 for Platform Maintenance/Repair Works (Satah Field)
Adma‐Opco 06/2000 to 05/2002 Maintenance/Repair of Mooring Equipment (Admiralty Buoys Mooring Buoys and 21‐35 Ton Deadweights)
Zadco 05/2000 to 06/2000 Charter of Jack‐up Barge for Relocation of Radio Mast and Transfer of Logging Equipment
Adma‐Opco 2/1999 to 01/2000 Freespan Correction Campaign
Zadco 08/1999 to 02/2005 Charter of Production/ Maintenance/ Utility Vessel “Samriyah”
Zadco 06/1999 to 01/2006 Diving and Underwater Inspection Services “Nasseem 4001” and Diving Team
ADOC(Japan) 07/1999 Subsea Inspection of Platforms and Pipelines
ADDCAP 11/1998 to 03/1999 Seabed Cleaning – Removal of Debris from Seabed in Sadiyat, Ruwais, Das Island, Zirku, Aranzah, Mubarraz Island, Umm Shaif, Satah, Umm Al Dalkh, ADOC and Abu Al Bukhoosh
Zadco 11/1998 to 0/2003 Charter of Multi‐Purpose Vessel “Ahmed
ADOC 1997 Subsea Inspection of Platforms and Pipelines
Etisalat 1997 Diving Services
ADGAS 1997 Anode Replacement on Structures at Das
N.D.C. 01/1997 to 03/1997 Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry‐docking of Offshore Rigs
Adma‐Opco 03/1997 to 12/2003 Subsea Inspection of Offshore Structures “Mutawa Seven” and Diving Team
Zadco 11/1997 to 01/1999 Charter of Crew Boat “Stanford Express”
Zadco 09/1997 to 04/1999 Charter of Safety/Stand Vessel “Samriyah”
TotalABK 09/1996 to 03/2004 General Diving Services
Adma‐Opco 10/1995 to 04/1998 Maintenance/Repair of Mooring Equipment (Admiralty Mooring Buoys and 21‐35 Ton Deadweights)
Zadco 09/1995 to 12/1998 Diving & Underwater Inspection & Maintenance/Repair Services (Vessels “Nasseem”, “Safiya” & “Barracuda”)
Zadco 08/1995 to 04/1999 Charter of Jack‐up Barge “M.B. 1”
Adma‐Opco 10/1995 to 10/1997 Maintenance/Repair of Mooring Equipment
Adma‐Opco 06/1994 to 01/1997 Maintenance/Repair of Offshore Structures
and Subsea Flowlines
Zadco 09/1993 to 09/1996 Diving & Underwater Inspection &
Maintenance / Repair Services (Vessels
Nasseem”, “Ahmed” & “Barracuda”)
Adma‐Opco 12/1990 to 08/2005 General Diving Services – 2 Diving Teams
(“NMS 401” & “NMS 402”)