AL Mutawa Marine Works L.L.C. has membership of International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and carries out all diving operation in compliance with IMCA Guidelines. The Company also maintains a certified Quality Management System wherein all diving activities are in compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The Company is specialized in carrying out the following subsea works using various diving modes:

  • Inspection of subsea pipelines & offshore structures.
  • Installation of subsea pipelines and subsea offshore structures.
  • Maintenance of subsea pipelines and offshore structures.
  • Subsea inspection, maintenance and installation of S.P.M s’
  • Demolition & removal of subsea pipelines and offshore structures.
  • Subsea inspection and maintenance of vessels and drilling rigs.
  • General diving services including seabed surveys, debris clearing and assisting in rig moves.

The following specific subsea works are carried out in support of the above:

  • Installation & realigning of pipeline sleepers.
  • Pipe laying.
  • FRP pipeline installation.
  • Assistance in pipeline pulling operations.
  • Grouting operations to support freespan correction activities.
  • Handling & placement, rearrangement/realignment of concrete mattresses on pipelines.
  • Pipe repairs using smart flanges, Plidco clamps, mechanical connectors etc.
  • Demolition & removal of old offshore structures & subsea pipelines.
  • Installation of new risers.
  • Installation of new boat landings.
  • Replacement of anodes.
  • Installation of new Conductor Guides for wellhead towers.
  • Seabed excavation.
  • Minor dredging using airlift device.
  • Minor dredging using hydraulically driven submersible pumps.
  • Sand/debris removal from fire-fighting/cooling-water basins.
  • Seabed surveys.
  • Assistance in anchor handling.
  • Assistance in rig moves.
  • Weight-coat removal or cleaning of pipelines & structures using High pressure water jetting.
  • Cleaning of pipelines & structures using garnet blasting.
  • Underwater painting.
  • Underwater cutting of steel using Broco welding rods.
  • Underwater welding in support of installation/repair works.
  • Use of air bags to support installation/repair works.
  • ROV Services.